What We Do - Our Services

Through technology, we identify real estate opportunities offering the highest potential return on investment.

Propcision's analytical engine seamlessly values property and computes key fundamentals.

We specialise in the valuation of residential properties - for financial firms, institutional investors and property developers.

The core of Propcision is a property valuation and analytical engine. Our machine learning algorithms monitor market activity and key parameters to derive correlations and behavioural patterns. Our valuation processes easily compute a variety of indicators, such as fair market value, rental income, capital growth, and potential yield growth.

We welcome opportunities to work with your business - using our technology, research, and analysis. Further services listed below.

Real estate valuation and acquisition - the smart way

Monitor the Property Market

We constantly monitor
& analyse massive amounts
of housing data

Propcision Valuation Engine

Using this data, we developed
a proprietary valuation engine
that computes fair market value, rental yield
and other fundamentals for property

Target Opportunities

We use this engine to target opportunities
in the property market

At the core of Propcision is our proprietary property analytical engine that highlights residential opportunities offering the highest return on investment.

Propcision uses its research, analytics, and technology to work with financial firms and institutional investors in real estate acquisitions.

The Power of Propcision

Services range from real estate identificaiton and acquisition, generation of custom reports, data feeds, bulk valuation of residential properties, research, and consultancy services.

At Propcision, we:

  • Establish partnerships with institutional firms and professional investors to identify and acquire under-market value or distressed real estate assets
  • Provide bulk computation of key property fundamentals for residential properties. Fundamentals include fair market value, estimated rental income as well as capital growth and rental yield growth indicators.
  • Provide instant valuation of large portfolios of residential mortgage-backed securities
  • Provide bulk residential real estate valuation
  • Generate capital growth and rental yield forecasts for properties and locations
  • Publish property sector research and analysis
  • Provide white paper consultancy
  • Provide advisement on large acquisitions
  • Identify consumer housing market trends
  • Develop tools to educate consumers on private transactions
  • Develop software tools for third parties using our technology
  • Generate custom data feeds based on bespoke valuation and computational requirements

See a glimpse of the Power of Propcision through our FREE tools:

Download the Free Propcision Add-on for Rightmove and see Propcision's fair market asking price for property for sale in London along with estimated rental yield, airbnb income, and other key indicators.

Browse our Salesrack to see some of our algorithms in action.