While Many Homebuilders Drop Prices, Galliard Homes Increases Prices in Colindale

Hitting a Sweet Spot in the London Market?

It's not all doom and gloom for home builders. We uncovered a series of price rises through December and January on the Silver Works (Help to Buy) scheme in Colindale in the London Borough of Brent.

Price increases ranged from 1 to 15 percent across mostly 2-bedroom units. It was unclear how many Help to Buy units were increased however the property listings displayed the Help to Buy logo.


Posted 1 February 2017

Depressed Market Brings Underground Deals to the Surface

In many areas of Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster, data suggests that lower ground floors are priced up to 45 percent less than upper floors within the same building or area. With prices already down in these Prime Central London locations, it now means that some lower-ground floor properties are listed at the same level as many areas outside of the Prime Central London perimeter.


Posted 13 January 2017

View Potential Airbnb Rates for Property for Sale

Curious about Short-term or Holiday letting income? Thinking about a Buy-to-Bnb?

Get Short-term or Holiday rental income estimates directly in your Rightmove search with Propcision Add-on

Propcision seamlessly estimates rental income based on similar-sized properties in the same area that were recently made available via Airbnb.


Posted 14 October 2016

Alternative Investment Opportunities for a Downward Housing Market

Short leases, bank owned property sales, commercial to residential conversions, and self-builds could prove profitable as housing market slows and buyers' market ensues.

With the pool of buyers limited, the scope to negotiate increases.  Most investors scout for deep discounts or fire sales in the market. However, there are other strategies that investors or homebuyers might use to profit in a slow housing market.


Posted 29 September 2016

New Builds Flooding Market in Some Boroughs

One in three properties for sale in Tower Hamlets and Newham are classified as as "new home" in Rightmove.

This comes as no surprise as recent data from Greater London Authority shows Tower Hamlets has increased its residential dwelling density by 38 percent in the past 14 years


Posted 1 September 2016

Viewing Old Property Listings

Steps to view old listings for a property

Many times, old property listings are removed from property portals and are no longer retrievable. However, they may still be accessible via Google.

Retrieving old listings is a way of checking previous prices and the number of times property has been relisted in the past.


Posted 25 July 2016

Could Reshaping Battersea/Nine Elms Spark Sales

Opinion Editorial

If the upper-end of the housing market remains vulnerable, it makes sense to rethink schemes


Posted 21 July 2016

Finding the Perfect Pitch - Tips for Pitching Low Offers

Pitching offers at the right level could secure a bargain or provide insulation against any future declines.

5 Tips for Pitching that Low Offer


Posted 10 July 2016

Central London Luxury Properties Take Brunt of Price Cuts

Whilst the overall average price reduction in London is between 5pct and 7pct, steeper reductions of between 15pct to 20pct mostly fall on properties in Central London with most taking place in Westminster, Wandsworth, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth and Hammersmith and Fulham.

Top 10 Price Cuts by Cash Amount and New Interactive Map showing where in London the biggest cuts are occuring.


Posted 18 May 2016

Frequently Re-listed Properties ("Portal Juggling") Give Rise to Concerns

Properties that are listed, removed, and immediately relisted, an activity known as Portal Juggling, could be misleading the consumer.

This article and data have been credited with bringing attention to "portal juggling" to the mainstream. Subsequent regulations have been put in place to prevent and deter the activity.


Posted 22 April 2016

Spotting Mispriced Properties in the Market

Mispricing. Its like bagging a First Class airline ticket for the price of Economy.

It exists in the property market. The key is to spot it before everyone else does.

Propcision algorithms constantly scout for properties in the market that may be mispriced. To illustrate mispricing, we use a simple example that currently exists with new builds.


Chasing Space in London

Amongst London Boroughs, Newham offers highest percentage of apartments for sale that fall within the Greater London Authority guidelines for minimum space.

Croyon offers the worst.

Nearly 45pct of London flats don't meet the minimum standards for space. Are you cramped for space in your borough?


Battersea Power Station Slashes Prices

Battersea Power Stations endures latest round of price cuts.

Signals loosening in prices in the Power Station Development


Posted 4 March 2016

Berkeley Home Builders Inch Up Prices In Woolwich since November 2015

While prices are being cut in Battersea Power Station, Berkeley Home Builders Slowly Increase Prices in Woolwich

Two London markets? Prime Central Housing Market and Greater London Market?


Psychology of Bidding with Rounded Number

Recent article in Forbes:

When Negotiating A Price, Never Bid With A Round Number

"Previous research has shown the benefits of precise bidding in the real-estate industry, where a precise listing price indicates that the seller has done legwork to estimate the true value of a house, and is thus less likely to be bargained down. "

Adding Value and Reselling for a Profit

An increasing number of home buyers are looking to purchase a property, add value, and then resell for a profit. Two popular methods are:

1) Increasing the size of a property by extending up, out, or under.

2) Modernising a previously unmodernised property.

We have made available an article discussing techniques in increasing the size of a property to optimise a profit. In a few weeks, the next article in this series will focus on modernisation.

5 Property Search Tips to Bag a Bargain

Finding a bargain in the property market can be time-consuming and elusive, especially in markets that are buoyant and fast-moving.

Here a 5 tips to nab a bargain in property.