View Potential Airbnb Rates for Property for Sale in London

14 October 2016

Curious about Short-term or Holiday letting income? Thinking about a Buy-to-Bnb?

Get Short-term or Holiday rental income estimates directly in your property search as Propcision Beta-tests new feature.

Download the free Propcision Add-on Now

Via the Propcision Add-on, users can view potential short-term or holiday rental income for properties for sale in London. Propcision seamlessly estimates rental income based on similar-sized properties in the same area that were recently made available via Airbnb.

Curious about the fuss with Airbnb, short-term lets, and holiday lets? Then, view for yourself the type of income a property could potentially generate directly in your property search.

Compare Propcision's short-term rental income estimates against the long-term rental estimates in the Propcision Add-on.

This feature is currently being Beta tested so feedback is encouraged and helps Propcision to refine it's algorithms.

Whilst certain factors are associated with short-term rentals, such as compliance issues regarding leasehold agreements, local governmental policies, insurance, as well as health and safety, it is easy to understand how short term holiday lets can be an attractive alternative for those property owners unable to sell their properties or investors looking for alternative income streams.

It must be emphasised that short term rental landlords are responsible in ensuring they are fully compliant before letting their property on a short term rental agreement.

The Propcision Add-on is neither approved nor authorised by Rightmove, Airbnb or other short-term lettings firms. Information should not be used as fact and users of Propcision tools are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence in relationship to property.