Know the Fair Market Value of London Property

Shows Estimated Market Value, Potential Long-Term Rental Income and Fundamentals for London Properties for Sale Directly in Rightmove

Chrome Add-On Download, Install and Troubleshoot (London Only)

Add-on automatically displays a "Propcision estimated ASKING PRICE" and property fundamentals for properties for sale in London.

The Propcision Add-on seamlessly plugs into a user’s internet browser. When the user browses properties through Rightmove, Propcision will automatically display vital property fundamentals such as:

  • Traffic Light Indicator for Price Comparison
  • Suggested Asking Price
  • Price-a-Rater ranking: A ranking of the price between 1 and 10 with 10 being an exceptional bargain.
  • Stamp Duty
  • Estimated Rental Income based on property characteristics and location
  • Estimated Rental Yield
  • Estimated Short-term/Holiday Rental Income based on Airbnb listings having similiar property characteristics and area
  • Flag for motivated sellers based on our Algorithms
  • New Features Rolled Out Frequently

This tool is one of many tools offered by Propcision to promote consumer empowerment. Propcision wants to get consumers thinking about pricing. Our information should only be used as a rough guideline and not be taken as fact. Viewing a property is highly encouraged as consumers should judge for themselves.

The add-on is available FREE for Firefox and Chrome.

The Propcision Add-on is neither approved nor authorised by Rightmove.

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